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  • Video Reading is sent via email within in 24 to 72 hrs. 1 question current energy aka what you need to know. Up to 20min...click the link below to book your personalized reading,

SPECIAL $30 As Above so Below Personal Tarot Reading

  • Video Reading is sent via email within 3 to 5 days. Personal reading using the Barbara Moore  Book of Shadows Tarot, As Above So Below deck. A look at the past, present and future energies both Above (5D) and Below (3D)  ...click the link below to  book your personalized reading,


 Mellocaprio is a truly gifted and compassionate reader.  The reading I  received was accurate, validating, hopeful, and healing.  It helped put  things in perspective and has made moving forward easier and I’m more  sure as I navigate the choices that crop up because I hear resonances  that harken back to this reading.  It made things clear to me that  before were not.  I highly recommend everyone treat themselves to her  insights, talent, and beautiful gift because she is truly one of a kind. 

 Mello  did a great reading for me! She is very quick with her turn around time,  i was sent a video and she doesn’t try to fish for information. She  truly goes off of your vibrations/feelings/emotions. When she does the  reading, she does talk about the cards and explain them to you so you  can understand it all. It is not rushed. I felt that the reading she did  for me was Very spot on with what she was telling me. I would recommend  her to others interested. 
-Happy First Time Customer

Mello is astonishing at what she does. I have never seen a reader or  psychic before so I was skeptical. With no information about me and  armed only with a question Mello read me like an open book. It was like  she had a front row seat to all the troubles and experiences I had and  the guidance she gave me has helped me so much in my personal life that  I'm growing closer to loved ones and I left a really toxic job into one  that treats me like I belong. I recommended her to my family as well and  you would think she knew our family all her life with the details she  gave. Mello I could never thank you enough with the guidance you gave  me. 

 here’s my testimony! :I’ve  had 2 readings from Mello Caprio so far and She will always have my  loyalty. When she did my first reading I had a lot of things going on  personally and I was looking for someone who could help me sort them  out. I had seen her post on Instagram and that day I just caved and  bought a reading. Best decision to this day, she was spot on about my  energy. She even knew I practice myself but we had never had a  conversation before! She channeled my energy and told me the real. She  gave me the courage I needed to end an unhealthy relationship and she  gave me the push I needed to put my head in my to fulfill my purpose.  And in the second reading was even better! She warned me of a new man  coming into my life 

 Thank you so much  Blessed be

 Mello Caprio's readings are unlike any other. She is always accurate and  helpful and picks up on my energy in an uncanny and beautiful way. I  suggest her constantly to others and have never been disappointed. Thank  you for the love always! 

I had a reading with mellocaprio and I was astonished by the amount of information she was able to pick up in regards to my situation. She really spent time doing my reading which was not rushed and really felt heartfelt. She is genuine and you won’t be dissapointed with having a reading. Thanks x

Mello Caprio is a blessing.  I don't know how she picks up on what I need, but she does.  Her general readings are always phenomenal, and her one on one readings are the best.  She has an amazing sense of self, and her sense of humor makes even the hardest readings easy to digest and accept.  May the universe always smile down on her and her talents.  Blessings <3. XOXO, IG follower ladyof_thelake

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